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This website, developed by Local Government NSW in partnership with the Office of Local Government, is designed to support the inclusion of Aboriginal communities in council decision-making, service development and delivery.


We need more Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders on councils. Aboriginal people can use Collaborate NSW to get information on why and how to be become a local councillor.

Councils can use Collaborate NSW to help create common ground and strengthen productive partnerships with Aboriginal people and communities. This website will help your council involve Aboriginal communities in decision-making and service development and delivery.

More than one-third of Australia’s 631,757 Aboriginal people live in NSW, making our state home to the largest Aboriginal population of any state or territory in Australia.

These 202,674 First Australians have an enormous cultural, social and economic contribution to make, and a vital first step in unlocking this potential is for councils to work to achieve reconciliation with Aboriginal Australians.