Community land management

Community Land requires Plans of Management, under s35 of the Local Government Act 1993. It is important that adjacent Aboriginal communities are given the opportunity to be engaged in the formulation and review of Plans of Management.

Practice Note No 1: Public Land Management sets out the requirements for community land that has been declared an “area of cultural significance” under s36Dof the Local Government Act 1993 and special requirements for land of Aboriginal significance.

Land of Aboriginal significance includes:

  • Land where there is physical evidence of Aboriginal occupation
  • Land that is important to traditional or contemporary Aboriginal culture
  • Land that contains buildings and/or places Aboriginal people were forced to occupy, such as missions, reserves, commons and camping places; or where significant events such as massacres have occurred or cemeteries for Aboriginal people have been established.

There is a requirement for councils to consult with traditional custodians to identify such land. Aboriginal people must be involved with the development of Plans of Management for such land.