Media and media releases

Personally introduce yourself to media representatives as a local candidate and champion for Aboriginal people. Make sure you leave them with the correct spelling of your name, your mobile and landline telephone numbers, and a photo of yourself.  Consider preparing and providing a media pack which includes your photograph, a biography, your brochure, contact details and your position on any particular issues you have decided to campaign on.

Highlight your number-one issue for discussion. Make sure you don’t talk about more than four key issues and be sure about your facts.

Media releases

Keep a close eye on local coverage, and consider providing a media release or comment on issues that are of importance to your campaign. Focus on the issues of most importance to you – no-one wants to see their media releases considered junk mail.

You can also use the Letters to the Editor section of your local paper(s) to promote your key issues – but once again, don’t become a serial letter writer and inadvertently devalue your position on issues.